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Symbol Mark

The symbol mark of Heesung, based on the image of sun, reflects the idea of Heesung in the world. The 'H' and 'S' are placed within the circle, which symbolizes the sun and the world. The two pillars of the 'H' represent a stable foundation, while 'S' symbol symbolizes the broad future of heesung that leaps forward gently yet progressively. The main color, 'red', displays the passionate and intense image symbolizing the sun, and at the same time. represents Heesung's determination to leap forward into the world.

Color System

"Heesung Chemical's dedicated color is classified into main color, sub color. Main color uses Heesung RED/Pantone 207C and Heesung Gray/Pantone 430C as standard color, whereas Sub-color uses heesung GOLD/Pantone 872C and Heesung SILVER/Pantone 877C. Other colors may not be used."