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It is a product manufactured by PVC foam
extrusion molding process with beautiful
surface and good cutting processability
similar to wood.
It does not burn easily and with its lightness
and superior strength and print ability,
it is a product used diversely in advertising
materials, interior, and interior and exterior
building materials.


Building interior, advertising making, interior and print


Diverse colors/Superior interior effect
With diverse color sheets including white, black, red, yellow, green, blue, and gray, it is a material most suitable for interior and advertising.

Chemical resistance / weather resistant / waterproof
It does not burn easily and it does not be rust or corroded which means it is the best interior material that can be installed with an easy confidence.

Processability / printability
It has the same advantages as plastic and wood and it is highly easy to process such as cutting, bending, vacuum forming, laminating, and printing.

Light weight / thermal insulation
It is a foam extrusion product which is light compared to acryl and polycarbonate(PC), and it has excellent insulation properties with low thermal conductivity.

Product specifications