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"Heesung Chemical strives to be a well established firm by obeying every social norm and law in any social activity, respecting market economic rule and rejecting unfair transaction. We are committed in following the proper behavior and judjement in appropriateness set by the code of ethics, by which all employees must abide. With this, we will do our best to maximize customer's satisfaction and company's value"

Code of Ethics
[Chapter 1]Creating customers' value

Heesung Chemical secures unconditional trust from customers, and create customers' value by providing with products and service on customers' side.

1. Customers priority philosophy

Heesung Chemical, always listens to customers' feedback, gives quick and accurate solutions, keeps commitment with customers, and takes customer satisfaction as decision making standard under belief of customer as company existence value.

2. Information security for customers

If customer related information is obtained, the information should be kept confidentially and cannot be revealed to others without prior consent of the customer.

3. Provide the information to customes

Respecting customers' right to know, Heesung Chemical should provide with true information and block spreading false information in advance.

4. Aim for customer safety

Heesung Chemical puts great effort in customers' safety over every business and sales activity.

[Chapter 2]Creating partners' value

Heesung Chemical guarantees the equal opportunities, transparent and fair business atmosphere. And by mutual trust with partners, Heesung Chemical builds future of coexistence and coprosperity.

1. Coexistence & Coprosperity

Heesung Chemical understands that competitiveness of partners is directly related to Heesung Chemical's competitiveness. So Heesung Chemical cooperates to partners for them to take competitive advantages, and strive to lead overall development of the related industry.

2. Creating Fair Trading Environment

Heesung Chemical is creating a clean and fair trading environment and does not abuse its dominant position with unreasonable demands.

3. Fair Trade

(1) All companies with a certain qualifications have equal opportunity to participate to registrate and select of partners.
(2) Selection, evaluation, and change of partnership are carried out in a reasonable manner in accordance with objective and fair criteria.
(3) When undergoing a change in the overall terms and conditions, it should be a prior consultation with the company, and ensure the objectivity and validity of the terms.

4. Prohibition of Unfair Practice

(1) Do not be provided with gratuities, entertainment, hospitality from suppliers using a dominant position related to the business.
(2) Do not conduct unethical action contrary to the customs and myths to partners.
(3) Partners may have disadvantage in transactions, in case of provision of gifts, entertainment and financial benefits to Heesung Chemical employees.

[Chapter3] Protection of employees' rights

Heesung Chemical respects all employees as a subject with free will, and creates a condition that employees can grow into a corporate citizen with the right ethics for the creation of a sound corporate culture.

1. Respect for Employees

All employees should be respected individual personality and thought as the owner of Heesung Chemical, so that one can achieve the dignity and worth through work.

2. Development of Human Resource

Heesung Chemical does not make any discrimination in fostering talent, and giving opportunity to develop competence.

3. Fair Treatment

Enable employees to do job in the proper way, and evaluate and give compensation for capabilities and achievements based on fair criteria.

4. Building creative organizational culture

Respect individual's privacy and strives to make mature organizational culture that guarantees creativity and autonomy.

[Chapter4] Employees' desirable attitude

All employees of the Heesung Chemical establish correct values below the management philosophy "people-oriented customer value creation management", and do the best to contribute to create value of state-society through constant self-development and faithful performance of duties.

1. Basic Ethics

(1) All employees always have pride under ownership mind and maintain an honest and sincere attitude.
(2) All employees always try to do the best to keep dignity and honor of the organization with mindset that onself represents Heesung Chemical

2. Self Development

(1) All employees establish desirable talent, utilizing individual's aptitude and talent for self-development.
(2) Recognizes the changing economic circumstances, and strives to prosper together by sharing knowledge.

3. Accomplishment of mission

(1) All employees share the company's vision and policies and carry out the mission given to each.
(2) Recognizes clearly authority and responsibility given to each, and comply with various laws and regulations.
(3) Improve efficiency through inter-departmental cooperation and communication based on credit and loyalty.
(4) Prevents danger that may occur during decision making, and be responsible in case of emergence of a problem.
(5) All employees should do their best to ensure the safety of everyone involved to Heesung Chemical's business.

4. Fair Duties

(1) Perform all duties fairly, in the case of unclear provision given, it shall be carried out in a transparent and reasonable way.
(2) Senior sergeants can not give an indication that does not meet the regulations and company policies to employees, and such instructions can be denied. The employee should not receive any disadvantage, even if informed such information in the company.
(3) There should not be any kind of economic benefit for improper favors between employees.
(4) Company does not disclose customer and company personnel information to any third party without prior consent.
(5) Does not use company property for personal use.
(6) All employees do not use illegal software in office.

5. Maintenance of Dignity

(1) All employees will not conduct any unhealthy behavior in-house and outside of the office.
(2) All employees prevent the occurrence of sexual harassment and distrust circumstance that may arise between workers in advance and organizations actively committed to sound corporate culture.

[Chapter5] National/Social Value Creation

Heesung Chemical respects the free market economic rule, and takes the lead on creating value for society through fair competition in compliance with the laws and ethics.

1. Respect of Market Economic Order

(1) Heesung Chemical does not condone any act of fraud or infringement of the free market economy.
(2) Personal suffrage and political decision should be respected though Heesung Chemical does not intervene in politics. However, Heesung Chemical may indicate one's stance on which policy or legislation related with the interests of the company.
(3) Respect the culture and traditions of the country, compliance with laws and practices and contribute to community development wherever the business occurs.
(4) Sojourning employees should be familiar with the law and customs of the area and observes etiquette and dignity as an international person.

2. Fair Competition

(1) Heesung Chemical should conduct business activities through free and fair competition with all the competitors according to local laws and business practices to .
(2) Obtain customer credit through the quality of products and services and compete fairly with competitors.

3. Protection of Shareholders' Interest

(1) Do the best to protect the rights of shareholders and increase investment value by realizing a healthy profit through transparent and responsible management.
(2) Treats all shareholders equally, protects shareholder rights and shall endeavor to respect the reasonable demand of stakeholders.
(3) Respects right to know of shareholders and shall disclose the company information faithfully.

4. Protection of Environment

(1) Heesung Chemical is eco-friendly enterprise which faithfully comply with environmental laws and regulations and actively participate in environmental campaigns.
(2) Takes the lead in the preservation of the environment and resources through continuous technology development.

5. Corporate Social Responsibility

(1) Contributes to national Development by employment creation and sincere payment of tax, and contribute to stability and growth of the national economy as enduring enterprise through legitimate profits.
(2) Accepts opinions of each local resident and community members.
(3) Contribute to the development of the community by performing corporate social responsibility through education, culture, welfare.